Best Abu Dhabi Quotes Shayari Status pic images

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Best Abu Dhabi Quotes Shayari Sms Status pic images


I am the pride of Abu Dhabi,
This is my life not Abu Dhabi.

This is Abu Dhabi sir-
Suppose the weather is very pleasant today,
But everyone has to go to work.

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Abu Dhabi has become your memories,
The one who does not sleep the whole night, you are not mine.

Abu Dhabi quotes instagram


Wanted to go to Abu Dhabi
It has become a habit to sleep in pieces,
Waking up in my sleep, I started weaving dreams,
Reaching Abu Dhabi has become a prayer.

When I came to Abu Dhabi in the beginning,
So it bothered me a lot,
after working hard
It hit me on my chest.

Abu Dhabi tells the price of every bite
Abu Dhabi teaches everyone to work hard.

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These ocean waves connect the hearts,
So this Abu Dhabi breaks thousands of wishes.

Abu Dhabi runs day and night,
Abu Dhabi changes color every moment,
Neither tired nor stop, the bus runs in Abu Dhabi,
Abu Dhabi wakes up day and night,
fame – the name of wealth is Abu Dhabi,
Abu Dhabi has work for everyone
Abu Dhabi is just a little bad name,
But my life is Abu Dhabi.

This city keeps the status of a tawaif,
It is very tempting, the mind is deceived a lot, good and bad has many addictions
It is a bit infamous but gives a lot of comfort.

Abu Dhabi quotes twitter


I bee, you are my hive,
Couldn’t sit still though,
I am resident of Abu Dhabi Listen
Maybe you live in Calcutta.

caged birds,
Today imprisoned in multi-storey buildings.

in praise of your city
What is that pug saying
in two days of rain
The city of Abu Dhabi is sinking.

Sun is angry since I have come to the city,
There is no light on my flat in Abu Dhabi.

I get to go to overseas places, like Abu Dhabi.

When my needs and aspirations got bigger,
It seemed that Abu Dhabi was standing in front of the eyes.

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