51+ Emotional Husband Wife Love Quotes Hd Images

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Emotional Husband Wife Love Quotes Hd Images


I am in custody of your beautiful dreams,
Just pray that no one gives bail, ours.

Life got entangled behind dreams so much that….
To live in reality, only Salika forgot.

17 Best Love Quotes for her poets

In your “waiting” I have a shattered love,
On your “meeting” .. shining is my love …

Listen, if you ever get free time,
remember We become happy even with a hiccup.

One of the benefits of heartbreak was also,
Whoever writes pain, you get wow…!!

Heart says everyday I need some help Then the mind says why do you want to cheat again…

Choose A Heart From These 3, Know Something Special About Your Partner

Even if the ability to give happiness to all is not in your hands,
But no one should be hurt, it is in your hands only..!!

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Husband Wife Quotes


Seeing the tears on the pillow,
a hundred questions arose,
We laughed and said that there are stains of dreams.

If you love someone, do so much that,
He should also fall in love with you before speaking.

How to get out of the quagmire of relationships When you will come out behind every conspiracy.

Give some more drink that the destiny is not yet full,
Alcohol is not so bad in this cold weather.

It is not necessary to meet only with the help of arms in love,
To feel someone wholeheartedly is also love.

I wish my words had such an effect on his heart,
Come close to me and say,
let’s love all my life.


Now write two words of love for me,
Say you are with me now for a lifetime.

You are mine, we will not insist like this,
But we will remain with you, we will say with right

I tell something, I hide something,
I convince myself with my smile.

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