17 Best Love Quotes for her poets

Friends, today we will bring love quotes for you that will touch your heart. Poets are the voice of the heart, humans have to write from the heart, that’s why I have given you selected poets which you will like very much.

17 Best Love Quotes for her

I welcome you Sushil Kumar on this blog, you will find a collection of very beautiful poets here. I hope you like these poets. If you like my poets, then definitely comment by commenting.


when I first meet you
honestly didn’t know
you were gonna be
this first important to me.

emotional love quotes for her


Raise your hand if you are kind of girl
who is not interested in doing makeup.

romantic love quotes for her


Some girls are very expert in,
hiding there pain with a Bright smile.


no matter how much you are hurt me.
A sorry for you always melt my heart and that’s my weak point.

love quotes for her from the heart in english


I promise you no one will never take you place in my heart.
(i love you)


a smile on your face puts a smile on my face,
maybe this is what they call Newton’s third law.

unconditional love quotes for her


Every girl knows what a guy is trying to say.
but she acts like she doesn’t know anything.


I pray to god that we will stay together in every situation.

love quotes for her in English


beautiful face is not important,
beautiful heart is more important.


I need you like “heart needs a beat”,
you are my heart beat so never leave me.

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whenever I am, ignored by you, I feel that..
you have found someone who is more important to you and me.

deep love quotes for her


people now a days don’t love,
They just find a temporary attachment for entertainment.


even if we fight alot,
I still want you in my life.

365 love quotes for her


life is not just waiting for someone who is mad for you,
but life is Living for someone who is happy because of you.


some people care too much,
i think it’s called love.

long love quotes for her


On a scale of 1 to 10:
you’re a 9 and i’m the 1 you need.


your father will never show that he loves you ,
But he loves you more than anything in this world.

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