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Mom Dad Emotional Quotes Pic Image: Friends, today we will bring you Quotes on parents which will touch your heart. mom dad Quotes is the voice of the heart, humans have to write from the heart, that’s why I have brought you selected poems which you will like very much.

Mom Dad Emotional Quotes Pic Image


Do you know why love happens? Because your mom started loving you even before she saw your face.

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Every father runs on a tree throughout his life, to make his children stand on their feet.

I have no god in the world more than my parents, I will not be able to repay that debt, I am not so rich.

We have come to know this by playing, except parents, no one is our own..!!👪

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Life comes only once so don’t waste it behind any Jaanu, Manu, Baby, Sona, Ginger, Garlic, Mint because your parents have high expectations from you..!!

Even after winning the whole world, if you have not won the heart of your parents, then that victory is like a defeat..!!

Remember parents not by age “Worry makes old people bitter but it’s true”!!

He falls asleep by abusing the owner, Everyone’s luck doesn’t have mother’s lullabies..

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If education does not teach respect for the elderly,
So it is better to remain illiterate than such education.

Today lakhs of rupees are worthless in front of one dollar. Which Mom used to give while going to school.

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Today, I understand what Dad used to say that son, when you yourself come to work, then I will know the value of money.

When the love of parents dies, Children say what have you done for us.

Of course, there is no work from the mother as soon as we reach home, but our first question is “Where is Mom” And as soon as the Mom appears, the heart gets peace.

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The father is that wonderful person whose children cannot pay the price of even a drop of sweat..!!

There are so many celebrities in my world Thanks to my parents.

Having Jin, I consider myself perfect After my Lord, I only know my parents.

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Everything in the world is empty without parents Mother’s lullaby is the most beautiful music in the world.

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I will search the house thoroughly this time Where did my parents keep my sorrows hidden?

whenever the forces came to surround me The blessings of the parents came in front as a shield.

Whose relationship with their parents is deep Both yesterday and today are good.

what more do you want my baby Old parents have given you their youth.

Concerned about making a child a human The parents didn’t even get time to die.

I have not come to break anyone’s heart till today Love what I learned from my parents.

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